Tea of the week: camomile, honey and vanilla

As I’m trying to keep off the ‘proper’ tea for the sake of my remedies (and because of the amount of sugar I was taking with my tea), I’m trying a lot of different herbal infusions and fruit teas at the moment. I thought it might be an idea to have a ‘tea of the week’ spot here at Forty-Something Fatso, to give me an excuse to review some of the teas I’ve been drinking.

This week is the turn of Twining’s camomile, honey and vanilla.

Twinings camomile, honey and vanilla

Twinings camomile, honey and vanilla - mmm, lovely :)


This has a very subtle taste and is very refreshing. The scent of honey is delicious, and though the tea doesn’t taste very strongly of anything, the mellowness of this tea is very pleasing.

I’m struggling a lot with the stopping smoking at the moment. Oh, not in a way that means I will be tempted to have a ciggie – God forbid! – it’s just that I’m very tense with it, there’s a huge knot in my stomach that won’t go away and I’m finding it hard to concentrate. Camomile tea is therefore a very good way to help me relax a little, though I have got to the point where I’ve had to ask Heather to recommend emergency remedies before I kill somebody! She’s suggested Avena Sativa, so I ordered that late last night and hopefully it will arrive before I do anybody any real damage!

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