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Raw living: be your own guru

I’ve been re-reading this post by Emma at Raw Food Scotland and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning for some time to write a post on how to manage introducing more raw, healthy foods into your life in your own time and in your own way. Like Emma says, the information out there can […]

Alien’s doings

I was going to call this smoothie “alien spunk” but I thought that was bound to offend somebody, so ‘alien’s doings’ it is. Just whipped this up and it is sitting very happily in my tum, making my whole body smile. Now, I don’t have four hundred quid to spare on a Vitamix, which is […]

I am woman: hear me RAW!

Wow, it’s almost a month to the day since my last post. Where’s the time gone? Well let me tell you, most of it has been spent (when I’m not working, natch) hanging out at Raw Living and Kate’s Magic Bubble. I’ve got the raw food bug baby, and it’s one of the most exciting […]

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