Superfood smoothie recipe: “Come on, Dover!”


Come on Dover superfood smoothie

Come on, Dover – move your bloomin’ arse!

This is a fabulous smoothie to have for breakfast if you have a busy day ahead of you where you’re going to need lots of energy. Hence the name. It’s called ‘Come on, Dover!” because it makes you move your bloomin’ arse. I guess you have to be a My Fair Lady fan to get that one, really!


This smoothie is full of good, raw ingredients and nutrient-packed superfoods, and whenever I have this for breakfast (or lunch) my energy levels really soar. It’s a brilliant breakfast on those days when I need plenty of physical energy – like if I have tons of housework or gardening to do.A word of warning, though – if you work at a desk, you may find yourself restless and distracted, and find it difficult to sit still. Seriously!

It’s also a great way to disguise the taste of maca. Now, maca is pretty miraculous stuff and I try to take it regularly (it’s brilliant for treating gum disease, which I’ve battled with for years). But it tastes bloody vile. I know some people love the flavour and will eat maca straight from the spoon, but I’m one of those that can’t stand the taste, so I’m always looking for ways to take it without having to taste it – and this recipe is a real winner in that respect.

I’ll share the recipe first, then tell you what’s so special about all the ingredients – there are some pretty amazing ones in this recipe! You could of course replace the camu camu and purple corn extract with your favourite superfoods; to be honest, I use these because I happen to have them in the cupboard and wanted to make sure they’re not going to waste. If you have other superfoods lurking around that you feel would work well with the ingredients of this smoothie, by all means add them. The key ingredients in this smoothie are the cacao, the chia and the maca – as long as you use those, that’s the main thing.

Anyhoo, here’s the recipe:


  • 400ml cold water
  • 1 banana
  • 2tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 1tbsp lecithin
  • 1tbsp chia seeds
  • 1tsp camu camu powder
  • 1/4 tsp purple corn extract 7:1
  • A dash of agave or your favourite healthy sweetener, to taste
  • A dash of vanilla essence, to taste
  • 1tbsp maca


Blend everything except the maca until the banana is completely pulverised and everything’s well mixed. Add the maca and give it another very quick blast with the blender (don’t over-blend maca, as it tends to taste weird if you do). Pour into a pint glass and enjoy. Try not to leave it sitting for too long, as again, the maca starts to taste weird.

Super superfoods

Raw cacao powder is stuffed with nutrients and antioxidants. It’s high in magnesium and sulphur, is a natural anti-depressant and an aphrodisiac. Raw cacao is very energising (some people find it too energising, so if you get a bit buzzy with too much cacao, only use 1tbsp instead of two). I find that raw chocolate really suppresses my appetite – so it helps me keep my weight under control. Weight loss through chocolate – how wonderful is that?!

Lecithin is a good thickener, making smoothies taste creamier and smoother. It contains choline, which is a great food for the brain and assists in the breakdown and absorption of fats in the body. So basically, it helps you burn fat faster. It also helps prevent hardening of the arteries, stroke, heart disease etc, because of its ‘detergent-like’ effect on fats in the bloodstream. There are loads of other benefits – find out more here.

Chia is a teeny seed from a specific variety of salvia that comes from South America, and has been described as the ‘Aztec marching seed’ because of its amazing energy-giving properties. The story goes that Aztec armies would last a whole day on just a tablespoon of chia, and I can well believe it – I find it very satisfying and filling, and very cleansing of the digestive system. One of the benefits of chia is that it is very good for diverticulitis, which my darling nan suffered from (and when I say ‘suffered’, I really mean suffered). If I could get hold of a time machine, I’d go back 5 years and tell my nan about it; then she wouldn’t have had to go into hospital for the “simple” test that gave her pancreatitis, which led to her being hospitalised, which led to her catching C-diff, which led to her having part of her colon chopped out, which led to pneumonia and a tracheotomy, and three months lying in a hospital bed without being able to eat, drink or speak, and a very miserable death which as you might be able to tell, I still am very bitter about and hold the University College Hospital in London fully responsible for. Apart from potentially saving my grandmother’s life if I had a time machine, chia is packed with antioxidants, calcium, Omega 3 and Omega 6, protein, fibre, and essential minerals. The BBC wrote about it a few months ago – read here.

Camu camu powder is said to be the best source of vitamin C available – it contains about 50 times more vitamin C than oranges, imagine that! It’s a good source of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, and the amino acids serine, valine and leucine. It also contains small amounts of the vitamins thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. It’s great for depression, infertility, is said to help prevent cancer and migraines. Natural News wrote an in-depth report on camu camu, which you can read here.

Purple corn extract in 7:1 potency (not to be confused with purple corn flour) is stuffed full of antioxidants and is said to help prevent colon cancer. It has anti-inflamatory properties, helps reduce cholesterol, promotes collagen formation and fights obesity and diabetes. Find out more at Natural News.

Maca is an adaptogen which basically whizzes round your body looking for broken things, and tries to fix them. It’s particularly useful in balancing of hormones, which means it’s very popular with women who are trying to conceive and women who are approaching or experiencing the menopause. It’s very energising, is said to be an aphrodisiac, and is high in calcium so it’s great for the bones and teeth. Find out more at Natural News.



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