Raw chocolate recipe: (almost) raw chocolate spread

(almost) raw chocolate spread

(almost) raw chocolate spread, on toasted, buttered rye bread















I’ve seen recipes online for chocolate spread before, but have never bothered trying to make them because they either used cacao powder, which I’d find too dry in this sort of recipe, or used the whole hazelnuts which (unless you have an amazing blender, which I don’t) would leave the spread too lumpy, or included ingredients I’m not too fond of (like agave).

So I got to pondering how I could make a healthy chocolate spread that would be totally smooth and the perfect consistency – it needed to be almost set at room temperature but still spreadable. And by jingo, I’ve done it! (Note: room temperature in my house is pretty cold, most of the time… if your house is warm, you’llĀ  need to keep the spread in a cool cupboard or perhaps the fridge).

I say this chocolate spread is ‘almost’ raw because I’m not sure if the date syrup and malt extract are raw. Still, they’re healthier than refined sugar so I consider this to be a pretty healthy recipe, if not completely raw.

Enough preamble – here’s the recipe. You’ll need a nut mylk bag and a blender.

Blend the soaked hazelnuts with the water until you have as smooth a paste as possible. Pour the paste into a nut mylk bag and squeeze out as much milk (it’ll be similar to a light single cream in consistency) as possible, into a separate container. Rinse out the blender jug, blades and lid so that no nut remnants remain. You can use the nut meal in another recipe, like brownies or cakes – don’t throw it away :)

Meanwhile, put all the remaining ingredients into a glass mixing bowl and sit this in a pan of just-boiled water. Use enough water that it comes up the sides of the bowl, making the bowl warm. Stir regularly until all the ingredients have melted and mixed together.

Add the hazelnut cream and the chocolate mixture to the clean blender jug. Blend until everything’s fully combined and smooth. Pour the mixture into a lidded container, scraping out as much as possible from the jug using a spatula. Put the lid onto the container and leave at room temperature until set.

This raw chocolate spread has pretty much the same texture and consistency as commercial chocolate spreads – but without all the nasty ingredients. Try it spread on toasted, buttered rye bread for a tasty, healthy snack that feels naughty but is anything but! :)

(almost) raw chocolate spread

Perfect spreading consistency – pretty much identical to commercial chocolate spreads but much better for you!


(almost) raw chocolate spread

This little lot should keep me going for a while…




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