I think I love you…

Dad and I have a little tradition of giving each other increasingly silly birthday and Christmas gifts. It’s almost like a competition. At our beautiful wedding in Portmeirion, he gave us a box of penis pasta and a remote controlled rat. Appropriate, right? It’s OK though, we found that pretty hilarious :)

One year I gave him one of those daft singing hamsters. It sang “I think I love you”, the old Partridge Family hit.

A couple of years back we weren’t able to be with dad on his birthday, so we made him this instead. Still makes me giggle every time I see it!

A good bit of teamwork there – myself, hubby, daughter and daughter’s boyfriend (who was too shy to be filmed, but he did some of the camerawork and a bit of backing vocals) – and of course the dog managed sneak into the corner of a shot too. Lots of fun to make, and I’m sure we’ll do others before too long :) Handy, having a husband with his own home recording studio! :)


I Think I Love You from Hey! Debs! on Vimeo.

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