How we turned a jungle into our favourite room of the house

When we first moved to our house, our garden – such as it was (it was little more than a postage-stamp-sized patch of grass with a shed, a rotary drier and lots of mature shrubs) looked like this:

Toward the end of 2011 the shrubs were so overgrown, it was difficult to use the rotary drier or get into the shed (which by that point was literally being held together by ivy).

The thing was, we really needed to be able to use the shed. We had a lot of crap in the house that should have been stored in the shed – tools, two adult sized mountain bikes, Dewi’s go-ped (like a kid’s scooter, but motorised) and all sorts of other rubbish. But the shed was unusable. Plants were growing through the roof, the floor was rotting away, water was leaking in, and it was tiny. We needed a new one, fast, but with such a tiny, overgrown garden, there was no room for a new shed. So we bulldozed pretty much all of it (I think the only thing we kept was the wooden arch leading into the garden from the driveway – it was covered in clematis and highly scented roses, and I didn’t want to lose them as I loved them so much).

So, early in 2012, once we got to work with the mini-digger, this is what it looked like (these are photos of the ‘during’ phase):

It took a long time to finish the garden, but we got there eventually (inasmuch as a garden can ever actually be ‘finished’ – it’s a dynamic thing, so there are changes taking place all the time – but structurally, it’s finished).

Here’s a quick peek at what it looks like now. In the next post I’ll take you on a quick guided tour (the garden is tiny so any tour is guaranteed to be quick) and tell you more about the work we did, what materials we used, where we bought them, etc.

our garden, finished

our garden, finished

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