Dru barley grass

When I was visiting the Conwy Feast in October last year, I came across a stall selling Dru barley grass. It’s not something I would normally have paid that much attention to, at that time (though I would now, of course); but the posters were eye-catching and what really caught my eye was the claims that barley grass could help improve psoriasis and help with weight loss.

They were handing out free samples (i.e. a teeny shot of the stuff, mixed with apple juice) and in a small quantity like that, it tasted OK. Alright, it was never going to taste as good as chocolate or chips, but as green gunge went, it was passable. So, I handed over eight quid and bought a tin of it.

Now, when I told Heather about it, she was really pleased. She swears by barley grass as a detoxifier and cleanser, and also said that it’s great for alkalising the body and is full of all sorts of really good wholesome stuff and trace minerals.

Barley grass

Barley grass: tastes exactly how you'd imagine green gunge would taste.


As you can see from the photo, barley grass looks a bit mad. It looks radioactive! And however you imagine it tastes, from looking at the photo – yes, it does taste like that. Like something a cow might have vomited up. And that’s when it’s mixed with apple juice; mix it with water and it really is vile. I’ve just spotted something about that photo that made me giggle, actually; see the glass I’ve made the oh-so-healthy-and-virtuous green gunge in? It’s not a proper drinking glass. It’s an empty Nutella jar that we use as a glass. Hehehe :)

Is this stuff making any difference to my health? To be honest, I have no idea. When I drink it, despite the slight ickiness of it, it does feel as if it brightens me up a bit. It’s not doing any harm anyway, apart from one slightly yucky side effect which is that it can make your poo have a slightly greenish tinge sometimes. But if you can live with doing alien poos and drinking cow vomit, it’s probably worth sticking with!

Incidentally, I used to be friends with the marketing lady for Dru; we were on the CIM marketing diploma course together at Coleg Menai, but lost touch after we graduated. Samia, if your Analytics stats have led you here, hello! If you want to get in touch and do a bit of catching up, it’s hello@fortysomethingfatso.net :)


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