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All my recipes – cooked, raw, healthy, naughty, you name it.

Basic staple raw recipe: buckwheaties

  “Buck-whatnows?!” I hear you ask! Buckwheaties are buckwheat groats that have been soaked, sprouted and dehydrated. The result is a crispy little fella (not too dissimilar to puffed rice – or “Rice Krispies”) that can be used to make all sorts of things, like raw chocolate crispy cakes or raw granola (incidentally, this raw […]

Alien’s doings

I was going to call this smoothie “alien spunk” but I thought that was bound to offend somebody, so ‘alien’s doings’ it is. Just whipped this up and it is sitting very happily in my tum, making my whole body smile. Now, I don’t have four hundred quid to spare on a Vitamix, which is […]

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