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Random posts about living a healthy life, including general food chat, living raw-ly, exercise, detoxing and so on.

You are what you eat: an epiphany

  Juice Master Jason Vale’s “World’s Biggest Juice Detox 2013” is coming to town, and what impeccable timing! Like many people, I’ve over-indulged over the Christmas period. I’ve eaten all sorts of crap that a few months ago nothing would have persuaded me to touch.I’ve spent too much time sitting on the sofa doing online […]

Raw living: be your own guru

I’ve been re-reading this post by Emma at Raw Food Scotland and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning for some time to write a post on how to manage introducing more raw, healthy foods into your life in your own time and in your own way. Like Emma says, the information out there can […]

I am woman: hear me RAW!

Wow, it’s almost a month to the day since my last post. Where’s the time gone? Well let me tell you, most of it has been spent (when I’m not working, natch) hanging out at Raw Living and Kate’s Magic Bubble. I’ve got the raw food bug baby, and it’s one of the most exciting […]

Dru barley grass

When I was visiting the Conwy Feast in October last year, I came across a stall selling Dru barley grass. It’s not something I would normally have paid that much attention to, at that time (though I would now, of course); but the posters were eye-catching and what really caught my eye was the claims […]

Using homeopathy to stop smoking

I was a smoker for 30 years, until stopping two weeks ago. (By the way, I’m with Allen Carr on this one: it’s better to think of it as ‘stopping’ or ‘quitting’ smoking, rather than ‘giving up’, because giving up implies some form of sacrifice, which quitting something so vile and unhealthy shouldn’t be). I […]

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