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Stuff I’ve made. Often with the help of hubby, who is a mild-mannered civil engineer by day and rock god by night.

I think I love you!

I think I love you…

Dad and I have a little tradition of giving each other increasingly silly birthday and Christmas gifts. It’s almost like a competition. At our beautiful wedding in Portmeirion, he gave us a box of penis pasta and a remote controlled rat. Appropriate, right? It’s OK though, we found that pretty hilarious One year I gave […]

Celebration of myself

I have a tendency to dip into darkish moods occasionally, where I question my worth and wonder if anyone would really miss me if I were to disappear off the face of the earth. Oh, it’s nothing serious; I’ve never felt ‘suicidal’ in the sense that I would actually take my own life, and to […]

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